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Hi! Welcome to my blog. I am a mixed media artist who lives in Murrieta, California. I work in acrylics, watercolor, pastel, charcoal and other water and drawing media. My main subjects are abstracts, abstract landscapes, florals and gardens, equine abstracts and pet portraits. I love to use color! I try to incorporate the three C's in all of my work - color, contrast and composition! Most of these paintings are for sale. Please check with me for availability and prices if not posted. Contact me at: carol.engles@gmail.com carolenglesart.blogspot.com or text me at: (951) 704-2440 carolengles.artspan.com Art copyrighted 2008-2021

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Q and A with Carol: Why do you prefer abstract art over realistic art?

I just had someone ask me this question. In fact, many people have said to me that they "don't get abstract." I have also heard, as have many abstract artists, that "you do abstract because you can't do realistic art." You could argue that abstract isn't easy for some people to understand or appreciate, just like progressive jazz is not appreciated by some who mainly enjoy country music for example. I think it all comes down to what you have been exposed to and what you LIKE - what makes you feel good and what you want around you. But, as far as artists not being able to realistic art because it is more difficult to do, that is not necessarily true. As artists we are set up, if you will, in different ways. Some of us think and create in abstract terms. Others are more realistically oriented and they find their joy in that art. Then there are many artists who do both equally well, but prefer one over another. Personally, I enjoy abstract art more because it involves, in my mind, more creativity. And I never get bored doing it. It is more of a puzzle to me and consequently a challenge. As I have stated before, my abstract landscapes, which are really more semi-abstract, are relaxing for me and not as demanding as the geometric or abstract pieces. So when I don't have the mental or creative energy, I do the less demanding landscapes. If you have any questions about my art, e-mail me! It is always fun and interesting to hear from you!

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