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Murrieta, CA, United States
Hi! Welcome to my blog. I am a mixed media artist who lives in Murrieta, California. I work in acrylics, watercolor, pastel, charcoal and other water and drawing media. My main subjects are abstracts, abstract landscapes, florals and gardens, equine abstracts and dog portraits. I love to use color! I try to incorporate the three C's in all of my work - color, contrast and composition! Most of these paintings are for sale. Please check with me for availability and prices if not posted. Contact me at: carol.engles@gmail.com carolenglesart.blogspot.com or carolengles.artspan.com Art copyrighted 2008-2018

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Spanish Stallion

11 x 16 pastel and charcoal on paper. I really like this technique. I draw with charcoal, then I soften and smudge it and add more charcoal and pastel. It has a classic look I think. I also make sure, that even though this is an abstract, the horse's eye is realistic and draws you to the art. To me, the eye is a powerful focal point.  Hope you like this piece. I plan to do a series of horses in this style.


Theresa Paden said...

I like this technique, too, and I'm looking forward to seeing more horses done in this way! Love the energy and movement you get in your horse works!

Carol Engles said...

Hi Theresa! Thanks for your comment. I try so hard to keep my horses "moving". Glad you noticed! I also enjoyed the horse portraits you did in charcoal. Hope you will do some more as well.

JZino said...

I like your technique and the fusion of realism with abstract. You've given the subject so much movement and life!

Carol Engles said...

Thank you JZino! I am so glad you notice the movement in this. I also am enjoying this technique - abstract classicalism! HA!